Calvados Domfrontais VSOP - 4 Years 

A.O.C. : Calvados Domfrontais Domfrontais Calvados is distilled on the Domain with a minimum of 80 % perry (pear cider) and cider.

Planting : Standard pear and apple trees

Pear varieties : Pears from the « L’Aire » and «Cormier » orchards are picked in the months of October and November. These are traditional, local varieties such as “Gaubert”, “Rouge Vignier”and “Normandie”.

Soil : Granite covered with a clay loam

District : Melleray la Vallée 53110 Lassay les Châteaux

Production : The fruit is picked, washed, crushed and pressed on the Domain. Fermentation is carried out in our cellars in 50 hl and 115 hlL oak casks. Then from the month of March, distillation is performed in our gas-heated ORTHES alembic continuous still.

The Art of Ageing : Our VSOP Domfrontais Calvados is aged in 100 litres oak barrels for 6 months then in 2 to 400 litres barrels for 4 years minimum. Over the ageing period the alcohol will be reduced to 42 % vol.

Color : Amber and orange shades

Nose : Intensity, elegant

Palate : Fruity pear citrus, almond coming through towards the end.

Serving : 15 °C

Accompaniments : As an aperitif, served on ice and within cocktail mixes. within a palate cleansing sorbet served between courses (“trou normand”), after dinner drink.

Also available in 20 cl. bottle

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