Sweet Cidre

Planting : Standard and half-standard apple trees

Apple Varieties : The “Barriots” and “Cétine” orchards are the Domaine de la Duretiére’s real riches. These are planted with bittersweet and acidulous varieties such as “Doux Verét de Carrouge”, “Doux Moën” and “Petit Jaune”, which are picked in the months of October and November.

Soil : The Domaine de la Duretiére orchards are planted on shallow, granite soil, which yields small size fruit with a wealth of organoleptic properties.

District : Melleray la Vallée 53110 Lassay Les Châteaux.

Production : The apples are picked, washed, crushed and pressed on the Domain. Fermentation is carried our in our cellars in 50hl oak casks. Then after several rackings it will be bottled in the month of May.

Colour : Shades of amber

Nose : Fruity, apple freshness

Palate : Sweetness , acidulous, fresh, apple

Serving : 6 °C

Accompaniments : Cider is best enjoyed with pancakes, roasts, poultry, very sweet desserts.

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