Douceur De Poiré

Pear Varieties : Pears are picked in “L’air” orchards in the months of November and December. These are traditional, late harvesting varieties such as “Poire de Cloche”, “Poire de Champagne”.

Soil : Domaine de la Duretiére’s pear orchards are planted on a granite soil covered by clay loam, which yields sweet and very aromatic fruit.

District : Melleray la Vallée 53110 Lassay Les

Production : The pears are hand-picked, washed, crushed and pressed on the Domain. The must is fortified with Appellation Contrôlée Domfrontais Cognac to attain 16 % vol. Alcohol.

The Art of Ageing : Our “Douceur de Poiré” is aged in 600 litre oak barrels for 18 months.

Color : Straw yellow with amber nuances.

Nose : Candied pear.

Palate : Pear and dried fruit aromas.

Serving : 6 °C

Accompaniments : “Douceur de Poiré” is enjoyed as an aperitif : chilled, as a dessert wine to accompany chocolate pear gâteau.

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