Vignobles Nadau

Région : Bordeaux
Our Story

Our family vineyard is located at the heart of the Entre Deux Mers area of Bordeaux and has been cultivated with passion by our family for 150 years. With 250 acres we produce around 350 000 bottles each year using the traditional Bordeaux grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet franc). All our wines are raised in oak casks.

Our Informations

Owner’s name : Nadau family owner and Emilie the manager
Date of creation : Fifth generation
Grape variety of the estate : 85% reds (merlot 60%, cabernet franc 10%, cabernet sauvignon 30%) 15% whites (sauvignon 40%, sémillon 40%, muscadelle 20%)
Various terroirs : limestone clay
Different AOC : AOC Bordeaux white and AOC Bordeaux red
Altitude of the vineyard : between 5 and 120 m
Cultivated area : 70 ha
Performance against AOCs : 58 hL/ha (depending on the vintage)
Annual production : + 4000 hL
Average age of vines according to AOCs : Bordeaux vineyard in full restructuring. Since 2009, more than 30 ha restructured in Vignobles Nadau
Type of vine crops : total weeding, weeding under the row
Vinification : classic in white, thermovinification in red

Our Wines

Château Gillet Bordeaux
Château Perron la gourdine Bordeaux
Château Gillet Bordeaux
Château Perron la gourdine Bordeaux

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